Mini Trailblazers delivers sessions in Pre-Schools, Nurseries and Reception Classes. The sessions are designed to give the children an opportunity to explore and develop their physical capabilities. To achieve this the children have to do a lot of repetition of each activity. So to ensure that the children don’t become bored every week I create a different adventure. This can range from going under the sea or going on safari or even going on board a pirate ship. It also gives the schools an opportunity to observe the children as I make sure all my session relate to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum so they can track their development.



Introduce your children to the wet and wonderful world under the sea. On their adventure the children will get a chance to throw food to the sharks as well as run over and avoiding the slippery sea weed! They will also jump over gigantic whales and catch rare pearls. All of this and more on our under the sea adventure.

Explore the marvels and beauty of the rainforest! The children quickly and carefully pick their way through the snakes cave whilst watching out for the cheeky monkeys in the trees. The children will leap from tree to tree balancing along branches whilst watching out for spiders and other wonderful creatures!



Give your children the opportunity to sail the seven seas with our Pirate ship adventure. They will encounter villainous pirates and see if they can hold their nerve whilst walking the plank above shark invested waters. Excitement await as they leap over cannons and clamber through portholes to see what treasures await them.

Bring the African adventure to your children with this rip roaring adventure. The children will be thrilled with meeting hippopotamuses as well as caring for crocodile eggs. They will also get the opportunity to pose like a flamingo and daringly venture in to the lions lair… Do they dare explore deeper?



Roll up Roll up!! Time to let them show off some new tricks and skills in our Circus adventure! The children will get a chance to work co-operatively on juggling as well as walking the tightrope and acrobatically jumping through flaming hoops! This promises to be a thrilling display with comedy throughout! So let them put their clowning around to some use.

It’s time to explore the mystery of the Egyptian Pharaohs in our Pyramid adventure. The children will encounter various traps and tricks trying to stop them reach the vast treasures preserved in the depths of the pyramids. They must watch out for mummy’s and avoid capture to reach their prize.

As well as all the adventures we go on we now take children on exciting trips in to their favourite stories. Whether this is going on a bear hunt or bump in to the gruffalo we hope to captivate your children and immerse them in the stories for real. Below are a few of the books we have already started doing in our sessions. Keep checking back as we add more and more chidrens stories.

Whether it's his terrible claws or his turned out toes or the poisonous wart on his nose there will always be something that will terrify animals about the gruffalo. Let us wonder in to the woods as the mouse terrifying all the animals with his tales of the mysterious gruffalo. Until the children bump in to the gruffalo and have to prove their strength to survive the tale.




If you can't go over it and you can't go under it then the only option is to go through it! The children must battle through the swishy swashy grass and going through the woods as well as entering the dark cave in search of a bear. After finding him we have to scare the bear enough to give us a head start to rush back to our homes to hide in bed from the big scary bear.




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